Product Specifications

  • Measurements: 51 in. long and 1 in. wide
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Materials Used: Durable, high-strength nylon fabric
  • Capable of supporting over 75 lbs. of weight

The Features and Origin of Our Retractable Shoulder Strap

About Eric Wendler

How Eric Created RetroStrap

For more than 30 years, Eric has used many different briefcases, computer bags and sports bags. He got frustrated by struggling with their standard shoulder straps that dangled, looked sloppy & unprofessional and got in his way. Also, the straps would lay on dirty floors and created a tripping hazard.

Eric noticed that other people had the same problems with their straps – see the photos on this page!

Eric searched for a useful product to solve his problems but could not find a solution. So Eric decided to create his own product. After a few years of building and testing prototypes, he designed RetroStrap – a retractable strap that he could attach to his computer bag.

Eric Wendler Headshot 6-18-20